6 October 2019: Unfortunately, Hamster Society Singapore is unable to take in any more surrenders. We are currently more than 3 times over-capacity and are dealing with multiple pregnant hamsters and several new litters.

If you have to surrender your hamster, do reach out to the good people of SPCA.

Thank you for understanding.


If you wish to surrender an animal to us here is what you need to know:

  1. The only animals we can take are rodents. If you need to surrender another type of animal you are welcome to email us at and we may be able to connect you to resources.

  2. Filling out a surrender application does NOT guarantee your rodent immediate placement with our fosterers. There is often a surrender waiting list. We will consider exceptional circumstances however, and if you believe your animal has an urgent need for placement please include those details in the surrender application.

  3. Owners must be willing to send the animal to the assigned fosterer.

  4. Owners that surrender an animal will be required to sign a contract that relinquishes all rights and claims to the animal surrendered.

  5. Euthanasia is necessary when an animal is suffering due to an incurable illness or injury, or if it poses a significant health threat to the rest of our fostered animals. If the surrendered animal does not meet our health criteria (incurable disease or injury), HSS reserves the right to put the animal to sleep through humane euthanasia. We do not condone the destruction of healthy animals.

Surrender FEES

  • Sick or injured hamsters may require round the clock care, emergency medical attention or rental of medical equipment. Hence, there will be a surrender fees are as follows :

    -Healthy hamsters - $10 SGD/hamster

    -Sick/injured hamsters - $150 SGD/hamster

If you understand all of the above and wish to surrender your rodent please fill out the surrender form at the following link

Attention: If you are a shelter or rescue wishing to transfer animals to Hamster Society (Singapore), please contact us at