Rescue + Foster + Adopt

(COMPULSORY MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS) Adopters will need to prepare or have already prepared items from the checklist below


  • 70cm x 40cm BASE for Campbell, Winter White and Roborovski species

  • 80cm x 50cm BASE for Syrian species

2. WHEEL :

Wheels need to be large enough for your hamster to run with a straight back. The minimum sizes are:

  • 17cm for Roborovski species

  • 21cm for Campbell and Winter White species

  • 27cm Syrian species

Check out our articles on cages and wheels to get a better understanding of the recommended items that are available in Singapore.




We recommend the following:

  1. Bunny Nature HamsterDream Expert (Expert Version is a seed mix that should be fed together with a high protein lab block)

  2. Mazuri Rat and Mouse Diet (high protein lab block, feed with seed mix)

  3. Supreme Science Selective (lab block)

Please read The Ultimate Starter Kit and our Hamster Care Blog for best practices in caring for your hamster!

Please note the following:

  • The Adoption fee is $10. This fee will be used to offset any administrative fees, bills or supplies needed to rescue and rehabilitate the animals.

  • The Hamster Society (Singapore) reserves the right to approve or reject an adoption.

  • The Hamster Society (Singapore) may conduct house visits to check the premises of the potential adopter and meet the primary caretakers before approval.

  • As a pet is a lifetime commitment with considerable responsibilities involved, Hamster Society (Singapore) may request other people in the same house to view or interact with the animal and express clear approval for the adoption.

  • To process adoptions, foreigners, as well as locals whose address on their identity card is different from the address where the hamster will be kept, will need to bring one of the following supporting documents for licensing purposes:

- A copy of the tenancy agreement letter or
- A copy of the latest Power Supply bill

  • If you have any existing pet(s) at home, the adoption will only be approved provided that appropriate safety measures have been made. 

  • Adoption of an Hamster Society (Singapore) hamster cannot be processed for anyone who is below the age of 18, even if the potential adopters have experience in keeping any of these breeds, unless the parents are the main caretakers. As the animal's history is not known, the Hamster Society (Singapore) cannot take the risk of exposing children to the uncertain consequences if they were to unknowingly provoke these animals.

  • Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted within 3 WORKING days. Incomplete forms or forms that do not meet our requirements will NOT be considered.

Remember to always keep your hamsters in separate cages! Contrary to popular belief, they are solitary animals who fare better alone!

Do reach out to us ( if you would like to adopt a hamster, or if you would like to report an urgent case to us.

Urgent cases include (but are not restricted to) sick and abused hamsters.