Be a Volunteer

HSS is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the welfare of Singapore’s hamsters. Every year, hundreds of hamsters are being exploited through backyard breeding, or simply discarded alive in rubbish dumps. We exist to be a voice for these tiny lives, advocating for humane hamster husbandry and pet responsibility.

Our volunteers are the soul of HSS. Coming from various professional backgrounds, they have dedicated their precious time and skills to form who we are today. However, we have plenty to do as we are the first in Singapore to speak up for hamsters. Hence, we are constantly on the lookout for volunteers with a passion for hamsters to join in our mission. If you would like to volunteer your skills, do reach out to us and make our voice stronger.

Dear potential applicants, do note that as we are advocates for humane hamster husbandry, as a representative of HSS and if you are a hamster owner as well, we have a basic standard of care that we require all applicants (EXCEPT RESCUE COORIDNATORS) to adhere to :

  • minimum cage size of 70x40cm (dwarves), 80x50cm (syrians)

  • Using unscented bedding and sand

  • Proper wheel size -hamster runs without back arching

  • Feeding an adequate diet to your pets



Be a part of our Society. If you have the drive and experience in the following areas, join us!

  • Marketing, Design, Advertising and Communications

  • Fundraising and Donor Management

  • Media and Public Relations

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Article Contributors

  • Legal Aid

  • Rescue coordination

  • Fostering