About Hamster Adoption

How do I adopt a hamster?

Apply to adopt a hamster at our Adoption Information page. All adopters will be screened.

Can I Visit/view the hamsters before choosing to adopt?

No - HSS does not have a physical shelter. Our foster programme relies on a network of volunteers, and all foster hamsters are lovingly cared for in various homes around Singapore. Because of this, we do not allow social visits or preview visits. Any visits prior to adoption will be at the discretion of the fosterer.

What are the minimum requirements to adopt a hamster?

HSS advocates for proper hamster care. We want to ensure that all of our foster hamsters end up in qualified, good homes with owners who are able to provide them with the care they need. All potential adopters will need to prepare their hamster set up prior to the collection of the hamster, which consists of (but is not limited to) the following:

Cages must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 70cm x 40cm for Campbell, Winter White and Roborovski species

  • 80cm x 50cm for Syrian species

  • Habitrail cages do NOT meet the minimum sizes

Wheels must to be large enough for your hamster to run with a straight back. The minimum sizes are:

  • 17cm for Roborovski species

  • 21cm for Campbell and Winter White species

  • 27cm Syrian species

Check out our articles on cages and wheels to get a better understanding of the recommended items that are available in Singapore.

Please read up on our ultimate starter kit guide and other Hamster Care articles on our blog for an idea of what is expected before adopting a hamster.

Terms and conditions which adopters need to abide by can be found at our Adoption Information page. Other terms and conditions apply.

Is there an adoption fee?

Yes, there is a adoption fee of $10 for every successful adoption. This goes towards offsetting vet bills, medication and administrative costs incurred in the course of care for the hamsters.

Can I choose the hamster that I want to adopt?

Yes, you can choose the hamster that you want to adopt. Please refer to our adoption gallery and indicate the name of the hamster in the adoption form.

What are the common species in Singapore?

The common species that can be found in Singapore are Syrian Hamsters, Winter White Hamsters, Hybrid Dwarf Hamsters, Campbells and Roborovski Hamsters.

Why should I choose adoption over buying?

There are many hamsters being abandoned every week. Many of them are victims of impulse purchase and lack of hamster care knowledge, where owners either no longer find them cute, or where a pair of opposite gender hamsters over breed. Adoption is an act of giving these poorly-treated hamsters a second chance to live in a place with adequate food, comfort and care.

About Hamster Rescue and Fostering

What is the foster programme like?

All hamsters in our foster programme are cared for by a volunteer foster pawrent who is able to provide proper care based on our guidelines and standards. Depending on the situation, foster parents will also organise vet visits, provide medical care, rehabilitate the hamsters and conduct taming sessions.

HSS will also conduct a photo shoot and produce a write up where we showcase their unique quirks and personalities. This is so we can find them the best match and fit with their new adopters.

Can I inform HSS when there is an abandonment case?

Yes please! Do reach out to us via Facebook Messenger or email (hamstersocietyhelp@gmail.com) if you would like to report an urgent case to us. Urgent cases include (but are not restricted to) sick and abused hamsters.

For time-sensitive matters, contact us on Facebook Messenger.

I have too many hamsters, what should I do?

If you are thinking of surrendering your hamsters to us, please kindly read the terms and conditions at our Surrender page.

Are there many unwanted and abandoned hamsters? Why is that so?

Yes, there are many hamsters being abandoned or put up for adoption every week. The common reasons for such occurrence are over breeding, lack of hamster care education and ignorant behaviour.

Where do the unwanted and abandoned hamsters come from?

Most of these hamsters came from people who surrendered them to us, while some were from rescues in the city.

About Volunteering

Do you accept volunteers?

Yes, we do accept volunteers! For more information, check our Volunteer page.

Who should I contact if I am keen to volunteer?

Please apply via this link here.

What are some of the roles that I can do?

The roles of volunteers can be found here.

About Hamster Society Singapore (HSS)

Who are we?

Hamster Society Singapore (HSS) is a non-profit and all-volunteer organisation which advocates proper and responsible hamster care in Singapore.
For more information, please refer to our About page.

What do we do?

HSS is committed to ending the cycle of neglect, abuse and wanton breeding by providing quality education, resources and advocacy on proper and responsible hamster care. This is done through various platforms - Outreach programmes, Instagram, Facebook, Website, and YouTube.

Our organisation also rescues, fosters and rehabilitate unwanted, neglected and abandoned hamsters. We then find qualified adoptive homes for them.

Where are we located?

HSS does not maintain a permanent physical shelter. We rely on a network of active fosterers and volunteers.

How do I contact HSS?

Channels to contact us are: